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Windows Live Writer

Posted in Something New, Technology by urmilesh on May 26, 2007

It has been some time since I started using Windows Live Writer. And I am not sure if the product is the reason, but I have written more and posted less ever since I have been using it đŸ™‚

The product is good and gives me options to do pretty much anything that I can do from the website (and then some more), without being as slow (when will we get really fast internet speeds) and without needing an internet connection all the time (you only need one at the time of publishing…but I don’t think that is too much of an advantage since most people have always on connections now-a-days. Maybe for the travelling and writing folks).

Why I think I have not posted too much is that using the writer gives me the option to save and review (and re-review) the post and then it always turns out that I am unhappy with the end result and so I skip posting it. Earlier, even though I was not completely happy with what I’d written, I’d post anyways because it would seem like what I have done would be wasted. Now I have the option of reviewing it later at my time, which I don’t come around to doing.

Anyways, do try this out if you are a frequent blogger and if you use the same system (not meant for cyber cafes or computer labs since it is an personalized application).
It is available for download here.


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