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My Name Is Anthony Gonsalves : Movie Review

Posted in Last movie I saw, mithun, Movies, review by urmilesh on January 12, 2008

If there is one good thing that can be said about this movie (and there are not many believe me), it is that they had the right casting director.
Sample this:

  • the protagonist is a normal looking guy who wants to make it big in tinsel town, and who do you have?? A Hemant Birje lookalike who is as normal as normal can be (and I do not mean that in a bad sense).
  • the heroine is a pretty young thing who just has to look nice and blabber, and Amrita Rao does justice to what is needed.
  • years of watching movies has told us that Pawan Malhotra can fit into any role with ease so for that the credit should go to the actor I guess.
  • anupam kher as the head of the mafia family.
  • mukesh rishi as the mindless maniacal goon.
  • and finally, since because of his own ideological limitations the director could not cast Prabhuji as God, he cast him as God’s own man. (note: if you do not know what Prabhuji means then stop reading now)

Besides this, there is nothing much in the movie to warrant spending well earned money, except for Prabhuji’s fight scene at the end as well as a couple of sequences here and there.

It is very hard to pinpoint what exactly is wrong with the movie; the problem is that everything is just ok. And unfortunately, that does not count for much now-a-days.

Up to you (as always) to decide what you wanna do.


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