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Posted in Me, Something New by urmilesh on April 22, 2011

Hey there.

Until now I have had two blogs, this one for posts and one on blogger for pics. But I realized that I don’t really need to have 2 blogs at this point of time, what with the Bermuda triangle of Twitter-Facebook-Gmail already eating up so much of my time, and thus I have moved all my content back to one blog (blogger since I already have storage from Google, don’t want to shell out extra bucks).

Also, rather than buy it back from some random stranger one day when I am filthy rich and famous, I have chosen to block the domain name for my name. Smart decision I know 😉

So if you are one of the few who still come to this space, please consider moving to – it’s not my site, just an intermittently updated blog. There will be no more updates here in the foreseeable future.

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