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I wish a very happy Deepawali to all readers of this blog. And I leave you with one of my favourite Deepawali pics (all time favourites actually) with two of my best buddies. The underlying message is, enjoy your crackers but also care about your (and others’) eardrums.

Have a good one.

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A tale of three centuries…

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The first time I saw GOD (he was still called Sachin Tendulkar then) bat in a stadium, it was an India-SriLanka test match in Lucknow. He did not disappoint me, he scored a fluent 142, India won the match, and I got my money’s worth.

The next time I got to see him bat live, it was in Kanpur, in a one day match between India and Australia. Once again he stepped forward and treated me to a brisk century (100 off 89 balls with 7 sixes), India won the match and I was on top of the world.

The only format in which I have not seen him bat live yet is the Twenty-Twenty format. This aberration will be taken care of tomorrow when I get to watch his team (it literally is the Indian team of the nineties, they win only when he does well) Mumbai Indians in their league match against Bangalore (in IPL). So keeping the past tradition in mind, a century is in order and a win looks inevitable.

Can’t wait 🙂

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What happens in Vegas – should have stayed in Vegas

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That’s the first and the last thing that I remember about the movie…in between there are a number of other things also, but none of them could take priority over it 🙂 That, in effect, sums up the movie for me.

I am one of those who pride myself on knowing how the movie will be (again for me) by watching the trailer. And from the trailer itself this movie seemed to be one I would not pay to see; but the ticketing software of PVR Bangalore took care of that and gave us 4 tickets to this movie when we’d boooked 4 for ‘Righteous Kill’ (one which is also not very high on the wanna-watch list).

The movie is one of the ‘Rom-Com’ genre and does nothing which hasn’t been done before. It is completely predictable, except for bits and pieces here and there, and that is what spoils the fun. It is the story of Jack (Ashton Kutcher) who is fired by his own dad at the start of the movie; and Joy (Cameron Diaz) who is dumped by her boy-friend right in the middle (more at the start) of the birthday party that she has painstakingly organized for him. They both go to Vegas to forget everything, and do just that…accidentally getting married in the process.

Oops!!! Did I just gave away the story? No I did not since this much is shown very prominently in the trailers, as also the part where Jack wins 3 million dollars in Jackpot the morning after and that makes the idea of annulement of their recent marriage rather unattractive for Joy.
The rest of the movie is about how they try to stay together for 6 months for the sake of money, how each one tries to make life hell for the other, and how they fall in love eventually.

Nothing wrong with the story actually…nothing wrong with the movie as such also; except for the fact that it gives you a feeling of ‘been there done that’ and that too a number of times. The actors are ok…Cameron Diaz has started looking old, and the jokes more or less fall flat.

Watch it if it’s coming on TV…don’t spend money on it.

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Whose problem is it anyway?

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Instead of trying to solve the traffic problem of an overloaded Bangalore city, the politicians are leaving no stone unturned to actually contribute to it.


Bombay or Bangalore???

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Just change the name to Bangalore in this article and it is still very relevant.


Once upon a time…

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I used to be a regular in my local gymnasium and used to treat big weights like small playthings. That was the time when I’d just come out of school and I’d convinced myself that I’m preparing for IIT-JEE (aside – going to the most popular coaching classes in the city and ogling at gals there does not amount to preparation 😉 neither does having night-outs at friend’s places in the name of problem solving…this I knew then I guess but realized later). At that time I also used to take time out every morning to go to one of the most famous gymnasiums in Lucknow, Bodyline in Bhootnath (again one of the most crowded and worst equipped hang-out places in Lucknow).

So, I used to get up every morning at around 5 (if any of my current project mates are reading this, YES I am capable of waking up at that time) and head off to the gym. And then for the next 2-3 hours it used to be me and the weights, and the constant scolding of our instructor (Mr Sharanjeet Singh, a man who deserves more than one post to himself). I sometimes used to think, that if I even put half of the gym-dedication (new word, I know :)) into my studies, I may well have been an IITian today; but I never realized why I was not able to do that. It is a bit clear to me now, I used to enjoy what I did in the gym and I was really in to it. And contrary to what my friends would think, very small part of that 2-3 hours was spent in admiring myself in the mirror.

Whenever you are doing any exercise, if you’re doing it properly, each set and each repetition will take all of your strength and all of your concentration, nothing less. If you have any strength left right after a set, then you are not doing it right. And I used to do it with all my heart 🙂

Then, as time moved on, I did not get selected in IIT (big surprise), and took admission in one of the private colleges in the city. I got busy in student life and tried to make myself believe that I am a gym regular but I never was. All through the last 7 years I have been going to the gym on and off but I have never spent one day in the gym which could have matched up to those preparation days.

That changed this week. Or rather, I decided to change that this week. The last 3 days have been physically one of the most taxing on me for maybe the last 7 years, but I once again got a glimpse of the enjoyment that I knew back in 1999. I sure hope I am able to keep that up.

Why am I writing this here? Because I may need to come back here and read this to make myself go on.
Why I need to go on? Because I have been stuck in an unhealthy lifestyle and an unhealthy body for too long and I want out.

I want out now.

Rajni also rocks :)

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It has been a long standing desire to watch one of RajniKanth’s movies in a cinema hall, and that too in South India. I have not been able to fulfill this since his movies are not released with subtitles in India 😦

But with Sivaji, I have decided that I will watch it even if I there are no subtitles and I am not able to get any friend of mine to come and translate for me. Decided this after watching this trailor 🙂

K K rocks

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I got a chance to attend a KK concert again courtesy Bhatia. The last time I’d seen him sing live was when he’d come to my company for some celebration and I was impressed with the way he interacted with the crowd. Not that I was not impressed with his singing, but that was there even before this live thing happened.

The concert was great as expected, and two thumbs up to KK for making this a memorable evening. His song selection is awesome even when he chooses which songs to sing while doing playback. And that makes his range great when he is doing live shows. All his songs are great (generally) and they make for really great listening when you want a fun-filled evening. And the way he moves from one song to the next, making the crowd sing along with him, making the crowd applaud not just him but his band also, making the crowd move at supposedly serious numbers, getting into banter with the crowd…and so many more small small things. All this made him a darling of the crowds.

I am not sure how much of this he will be able to use when (and if also :)) he gets to perform in front of very large crowds. But from what I have seen, he has made a very good start.

How dedicated are you?

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Found this nice piece on DesiCritics. I am not too much of a believer myself but I guess the point here is the dedication to something you believe in.

DON : Movie review

Posted in Bangalore, Movies, review by urmilesh on November 20, 2006

Ok I know this is really really late but I had this post lying somewhere on my comp and I thought why not post it!!! So here it is.

Saw the SRK DON this Friday(this was the Friday that the movie was released)…saw a daytime show on a Friday after a long time 🙂
The movie was decent, general timepass. SRK critics will agree that after a long time he tried to do something different from his KJ type movies, and did it well also.
I for one do not think that comparisons with the original are justified, there’s too much time difference and too many facts that won’t let it be an objective comparison, so I for one, am letting it be. I saw a movie, period. And at least the makers in this case had the courtesy to take the permission from the man who made the original (which is more than I can say for so many of our talented directors).
The movie was pretty predictable in the first half, and had a few twists in the second half. The twists I felt were necessisated by the fact that everyone knew the story of the original already, if he had not seen it. In fact, the first half of the movie seemed to me to be taking this for granted that the viewer has already seen the 70s version, which served it well I guess.
The movie was sleek, the first half dragged a bit but was ok…the second half was pacy and taut. The portions in which SRK was Vijay (not DON, or Vijay playing DON), were gud but too short. They provided some of the genuinely funny moments in the movie. But SRK really came into his own in the portions where he was DON. There was no hamming, no stupid grunts. DON was a person who thought of himself to be above all others, so there actually was no one better that SRK (currently)to play this part. He is one who conveys power, and you just have to see the starting of the song “Main Hoon Don” to realise how SRK does that, awesome body language. You feel like this is a man who can actually rule a mafia kingdom, this is a man whom people will be scared of even if they hate him with all they have.

Aside from him too, everybody has put in a decent effort. Priyanka Chopra is looking good, Om Puri seems to have been wasted, Arjun Rampal did not need to do much, Isha just had to look good, Kareena had very big shoes to fill and she made a very decent attempt. About Bomman Irani, I am not sure if he was the right choice for this role…he just doesn’t fit in. Nothing wrong with his acting, it’s just that he is not suited for the role, he has spoiled the climax.

Songs are good, and the movie is pacy…my main criteria while watching a movie is that for the time that I am in the hall I should not be able to think of anything else, the movie should involve me enough…and this one did. So I would say that one should watch it, and I am sure that everybody and his uncle has already.