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Welcome to Sajjanpur – movie review

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There are times when, quite unexpectedly, you discover who you really are; what you really like; when you really laugh…and if you are a movie person like me then most of these times will come when you’re watching a movie. Last weekend told me that my sense of humour is twisted in some ways because I found myself laughing all through Zohan…and I wasn’t the least bit surprised to see that I was not laughing the loudest in my gang; and yesterday I realized that I can even laught at real world problems or very real looking people…only requirement is for a master story teller to tell that story in a funny way.

And Shyam Benegal has done just that. He has taken a setting in a very real world village, not one of those filmy villages you see in movies almost always (Lagaan included). I could very easily think of similar people in my village in eastern UP, and that is when I don’t visit there that often; and he has told their story…no no…he has made us see their tale from the eyes of Mahadev (nice performance by Shreyas Talpade). Their problems, their griefs, their daily trials, their dreams…and while it is nice that we enjoy and admire their dreams….we also laugh at their problems. Agreed the story unfolds in a very light-hearted manner…and there are some places where even the stoic of faces will show a grin….but still, it’s someone’s grief we are laughing at. Did Shyam Benegal realize that the only way he can ensure a large audience for his close to life movies is to view them humorously?? rather than seriously…I don’t know.

Well, this thought apart…the movie is a very nice collage of everyday characters from a village that could be anywhere in India. No one seems to have been cast out of place…everyone has done justice to their part; and in turn to the story. A movie which will not disappoint you…and make you feel that even the highly overpriced tickets at these city malls are justified. One thing I particularly liked was the dialogues of the movie; they have been written very well and the delivery matches the writing. And thankfully, the accent has not been toned down….that is something that adds to the movie.

Go watch…


The Dark Knight cometh :-)

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Bombay or Bangalore???

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Just change the name to Bangalore in this article and it is still very relevant.


A rhyme with a twist

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Got this as a forward:

Ponting Ponting

Yes papa?

Eating Sugar?

No papa!

Telling a lie???

No papa!!!

Open your mouth…

I think if you are actually questioning my integrity, you should not be standing here!!!

Why wasn’t I there?

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Had I been here I would have won pretty easily πŸ™‚

Quote on a bathroom door

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I saw this quote on a bathroom door today…

Come in with a rush.
Go out with a flush.

Nice one…isn’t it?

And the nominees are…

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The nominations for the Filmfare awards are out. As always, no surprises…they are just an example of ass-kissing at it’s best. Full care has been taken to ensure that they don’t rub the wrong people the wrong way.
Sample this:
Dhoom 2 is considered to be one of the best movies of the year. Here’s why I think that is not true. In fact, I think it is an insult of movies like RDB and Lage Raho Munnabhai to be nominated alongside such a movie. But (yes the legendary but)…the movie had AB’s baby (and would be bahu) in it, it has the current heart-throb Hrithik Roshan in it, and most importantly – it is a Yash Raj production. Can you afford not to nominate it??? I’d say definitely not πŸ˜‰
All these (and then some more) reasons are valid for the timelessly intolerable Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna which again has been nominated for best film.
To add to the insult of Rakeysh Mehra and RajKumar Hirani, both Sanjay Gadhvi and Karan Johar have been nominated for best director also.
What is all the more surprising is that one of the year’s finest attempts, Omkara, has not even been mentioned.

All the other popular catagories (music, actor, actresses etc.) are similarly skewed and it seems no point in mentioning them since Filmfare awards are not a democratic setup after all. They are the awards set up by a magazine who, after all, have to look after their interests also.
I guess I should not be cribbing since Filmfare awards have always been more of popular awards. But then, they should not advertise themselves as India’s answer to Oscars, should they?

Angoor : movie review

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Saw the movie Angoor last weekend. If you are a Hindi movie buff (don’t need to be too crazy…just fairly interested in them); then this is one movie you do not want to miss. A true gem, timeless and classic.

Based on Shakespeare’s ‘The Comedy of Errors’, the movie is about two pairs of twins who get seperated shortly after birth. Seperated means, each group has one master-servant pair. Confused!!??? Well this is just the start πŸ™‚

The story in brief:
A couple has twins who are so much alike that even the mother is not able to make out who is who. To add to it, the father (a cameo by Utpal Dutt) has named both of them Ashok. The logic is “Naming them with different names will not make it any easier for anyone to differentiate between them.” On a trip, which involves a journey by ship also, he comes across another set of twins who have been abandoned by on the stairs of a temple. He graciously takes them in his fold (egged on by his tanga driver) and starts on his ship voyage.
The ship meets with a mishap and the husband and wife are seperated, each taking the other for dead, and each having one kid each from the 2 pairs.
Years later, one of them is happily married with a nagging wife and a cute sister in law. He is one of the well known business in his town and his servant also is married happily.
The trouble starts when one day, the other pair also comes to the same town with some business reated work and is surprised to see that so many people in the town seem to know them. Add to that the fact that the master in this pair has fed on detective novels for a long time and you can very well imagine his reaction to these things.
They are in the town for a couple of days and how these 2 pairs wreck havoc in each other’s lives; without ever realising what actually is going on. The happenings of these 2 days is something you have got to see. No amount of praises that I put here can do justice to what has been portrayed πŸ™‚

Sanjeev Kumar is excellent as always as Ashok (the master), especially the Ashok who has come from out of town. Since the native Ashok does not too many chances to get shocked (he gets more chances to get angry at people) you wouldn’t really feel he is the one making you laugh. But the other Ashok is brilliant to say the least. His reaction when Sudha (the nagging wife of the native Ashok, played ably by Mousumi Chatterjee) asks him to undress is priceless. I cannot help but think of what all Sanjeev Kumar would have achieved had he not died a premature death. Hats off to the man.
Deven Verma is one of the best comedians of Hindi cinema…and he is also the one who has never been given his due. Very rarely did I see him in roles which resorted to cheap gimmicks in the name of comedy (there were some in the 90s but I guess they had more to do with him earning his bread). He was as good as usual in this movie also. If you see the good and clean comedies of 70s and early 80s, Deven Verma has invariably been a part of it. This movie is no exception. He is calm and subdued as the native Bahadur, and witty and confused as the other one. The loyalty towards the respective Ashoks is common to both of them.
Mousumi Chatterjee,Deepti Naval and Aruna Irani are adequate. The supporting cast has all done justice to their roles, no one seems out of place.

It is when you see movies like these that you realise what people mean when they say that scripts are the real heroes of movies. There could have been so many places where the director could have messed up this movie. The happenings are pretty simple, nothing extravagant or out of this world. It is within these simple premises that the director makes us laugh and enjoy.

Personally I think that with the times Gulzaar’s work has somewhat deteriorated. He used to make movies that were enjoyed by everyone and pretty simple. Now-a-days sometimes I am not able to make sense of some of his lyrics also πŸ˜‰ But he still keeps coming with lyrical gems also…the man is a contradiction. I would love to see a contemporary comedy from him.

About Angoor, if you are among those who have not yet watched it…you don’t know what you are missing. Go watch!!!

Bade dino ke baad…

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