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The songs of Raghu Dixit

Posted in India, something I like, Songs by urmilesh on April 16, 2011

Have been hearing a lot of Raghu Dixit lately. Just putting a small post here to let you know that I like what I heard.

You should get a listen at and judge for yourself.

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Posted in Bangalore, India, Life, Me, something I like by urmilesh on November 5, 2010

I wish a very happy Deepawali to all readers of this blog. And I leave you with one of my favourite Deepawali pics (all time favourites actually) with two of my best buddies. The underlying message is, enjoy your crackers but also care about your (and others’) eardrums.

Have a good one.

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Something to think about…

Posted in India, Life, something I like by urmilesh on September 23, 2010

I am the last person you would call religious but I just had to share this.

I was working, listening to songs to drown out the voices/noises of the conference call Nazis around me, without paying too much attention to the song actually playing. And then these lines caught my attention.

Very apt, especially considering all the commotion surrounding the temple/mosque at Ayodhya debate. I am not putting the lyrics here or embedding the video because I feel you’d do well to listen to it.

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Test Cricket

Posted in Blogroll, cricket, India, Permanent Reads, something I like by urmilesh on November 22, 2009

I consider myself a test-cricket fan. Though I do not find enough time now to follow test cricket on the TV, I do try and keep up with analysis from a few places. Kartikeya is one person whose writings on cricket I have come to admire over time and his latest post on test cricket is something I consider a must for all cricket fans.

Maya Ki Maya

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vote for me

Posted in In the news, India by urmilesh on April 9, 2009

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister asks people to vote for her so that she can do to the whole country what she has done to the state of UP.

Well that is exactly what I am afraid of…

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Posted in India, Last movie I saw, Movies, Movies I recommend, politics, review, something I like by urmilesh on March 25, 2009

It is surprising in a way that this is the first Anurag Kashyap movie I have seen (since I watch pretty much anything) but I can only say this : ‘better late than never‘.

One of the most difficult tasks at this time would be to find faults with this movie simply because it has been so well made. And it gives me a bad feeling to know that it will not make as much money as a film good as this should make; but I guess the makers also knew this beforehand.

The movie packed a whole lot in itself and as such can mean different things to different people and the impressive part is that none of these different people would feel short-changed by the director. For me, it was about the extent to which politics has crept into our day to day lives, even in personal relationships. The way Dileep is exploited by Kiran (obvious to everyone but Dileep) and the way Kiran is exploited by her brother Karan (which is not as obvious); reflects at a personal level how the office of general secretary is exploited by Dukey Bana at a political level. In the end the clear winner, or the last man standing, is the one who was the least obvious in his manipulations; which says a lot about how politics is played out.

The strengths of the movie are many: dialogues, songs (used very effectively as background score), performances, screenplay, use of lighting (notice the place where Dileep and Ransa reside, and also the scene when his highness learns of his son’s death…you will know what I mean) and the writing. What’s great is that every character has story and a part to play, no one is a filler. And nobody’s story is dictated out to you, you are assumed intelligent based on the fact that you bought a ticket for this movie.

I would recommend this movie to all who love good cinema…and would like to say that Anurag Kashyap and Piyush Mishra have gained a new fan who is starting his research on them as of now 🙂

Goose bumps

Posted in In the news, India, something I like by urmilesh on August 13, 2008

From Wikipedia

Goose bumps, also called goose pimples, goose flesh, chill bumps, chicken skin, people bumps, or the medical term cutis anserina, are the bumps on a person’s skin at the base of body hairs which involuntarily develop when a person is cold or experiences strong emotions such as fear or awe

Well I got a first-hand experience of a goose bump caused by awe when I saw the National Anthem (though just the tune) played in Beijing when Abhinav Bindra won the first individual gold for India in the Olympics. More than the medal and the name he got; I feel being the cause of this should make Bindra proud like anything 🙂

And I know there will be finger pointing souls telling us how this is too little for a nation of more than 1 billion people. I want to say to them…”shove it”.

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