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What happens in Vegas – should have stayed in Vegas

Posted in Bangalore, Last movie I saw, Movies, review by urmilesh on September 17, 2008

That’s the first and the last thing that I remember about the movie…in between there are a number of other things also, but none of them could take priority over it đŸ™‚ That, in effect, sums up the movie for me.

I am one of those who pride myself on knowing how the movie will be (again for me) by watching the trailer. And from the trailer itself this movie seemed to be one I would not pay to see; but the ticketing software of PVR Bangalore took care of that and gave us 4 tickets to this movie when we’d boooked 4 for ‘Righteous Kill’ (one which is also not very high on the wanna-watch list).

The movie is one of the ‘Rom-Com’ genre and does nothing which hasn’t been done before. It is completely predictable, except for bits and pieces here and there, and that is what spoils the fun. It is the story of Jack (Ashton Kutcher) who is fired by his own dad at the start of the movie; and Joy (Cameron Diaz) who is dumped by her boy-friend right in the middle (more at the start) of the birthday party that she has painstakingly organized for him. They both go to Vegas to forget everything, and do just that…accidentally getting married in the process.

Oops!!! Did I just gave away the story? No I did not since this much is shown very prominently in the trailers, as also the part where Jack wins 3 million dollars in Jackpot the morning after and that makes the idea of annulement of their recent marriage rather unattractive for Joy.
The rest of the movie is about how they try to stay together for 6 months for the sake of money, how each one tries to make life hell for the other, and how they fall in love eventually.

Nothing wrong with the story actually…nothing wrong with the movie as such also; except for the fact that it gives you a feeling of ‘been there done that’ and that too a number of times. The actors are ok…Cameron Diaz has started looking old, and the jokes more or less fall flat.

Watch it if it’s coming on TV…don’t spend money on it.

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